May 1, 1999
Jesus Christ

“It is I, Jesus, the Word born Incarnate. Child, I have come to help you understand the mutual love I call you to. The law of Holy Love is to love the Lord thy God with your whole heart, soul, and mind, and your neighbor as yourself. This is the way to union with the Divine Will, the way to holiness, sanctity. Anything, person or place, that obstructs the way, represents an attachment.”

“So today, I would like to teach you about attachments. It is Satan who tries to carry your heart away. He suggests you should be worried about your appearance, your reputation, where you live, or what you are to eat. He keeps your heart in turmoil through unforgiveness. He suggests you must not give up your own opinion, which is the trap of self-righteousness. Within this same attachment to opinion lies another snare, that of judging. All of these fill your heart with thoughts contrary to love of God and neighbor.”

“When you come before Me to pray, anything that your mind clings to in the natural is some sort of attachment. If you love Me with your whole heart it is easy to surrender everything to Me. It is easy to trust Me. But you do not trust Me if you cannot see My grace at work in every aspect of your life through My Love for you.”

“Attachments are Satan's tool, his way of pulling you away from Me. If you ask Me I will help you overcome every barrier, but you must want it. Come to Me completely. Free yourselves of all that stands between us. I will bless you.”