October 13, 2010
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“As I told you yesterday, there are, these days, governments within governments and churches within churches. The reason is that Satan attacks those in leadership with his greatest fury. This is because leaders have the greatest influence over the largest numbers of people. He is the enemy of every soul and the spoiler of many a soul's salvation.”

“For this reason, once again I tell you, Holy Love must be your barometer of truth. Do not get caught up in following those who are ambitious for themselves or those who do not live in Holy Love. In the end, that is a road to nowhere. Be devoted to Holy Love, and follow those who lead you upon this path of righteousness.”

“Look closely at the words and actions of those who try to persuade you into following them. Do they bear good fruit or is the fruit they bear shriveled through too much self-love? Do you feel that the leaders that seek your support hold hidden agendas in their hearts – agendas that lead to self-gain, such as wealth, unchallenged reputation or power?”

“These are the questions each one must answer in his own heart before blindly following any leader. Not to do so is an open door to Satan who lies in wait, hoping to lead many astray.”

“Those in leadership themselves need to search their own hearts for answers to these revealing questions.”