October 23, 2010
Rachel (Former Poor Soul of Purgatory)

(A Poor Soul)

(This is the same poor soul that appeared with Jesus yesterday.)

The poor soul says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“There are basically three forms of suffering in the regions of Purgatory. One is physical, and can be as intense as the fires of Hell. That is the lowest region. Along with this physical fire is the feeling of extreme desolation or loneliness. As the soul moves to the next level, he does not suffer so much physically as he suffers this emotional abandonment, and along with it, the spiritual suffering of being separated from God. The level of Purgatory closest to Heaven is the region where the only suffering is the longing to be united with The Eternal Now – The Eternal Good. This longing is intense.”

“The souls in Purgatory suffer also from not being aware of the passage of time or how long they will be where they are. When they are prayed for or sacrifices are offered for them, their sufferings are somewhat relieved, and they are allowed some insight as to their tenure in any one circumstance. This is why prayer and sacrifice are so important to us – the poor souls.”

Note: Later this evening Our Lady visited Maureen and said: “You're asking about the name of the poor soul who visits; her name is Rachel.”