October 27, 2010
Rachel (Former Poor Soul of Purgatory)

(Rachel – Previously A Poor Soul)

Rachel says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“If there is only one thing – one fruit – of my visits to you, I would want it to be this — the knowledge that every thought, word and action is liable to God's Judgment, and deserving of His Mercy. Souls need to do more than recognize their faults and failings. They must – with their free will – act to overcome them. It is this failure to seek perfection in the Eyes of God that sends countless numbers to the confines of Purgatory.”

“Jesus desires that the following prayer be propagated:”

“Dear Jesus, grant me the grace of self-knowledge so that by looking into my own heart with humility, I will discover my weaknesses in Holy Love. Then give me the grace of courage to try to overcome my faults so that I will not have to be purified of them in Purgatory. Amen.”