November 15, 2010
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Please understand that all who boldly proclaim the truth according to the Commandments of Holy Love will be maligned, slandered, lied about and set upon. Was it not true of Me when I walked the earth?”

“Pray for those who decide to oppose Me here but do not look at the abundant fruits and graces apparent here and in these Messages. These are the ones who cooperate with the father of lies. They spill poison all around them as they try, at the cost of truth, to make names for themselves; some even claim to be humble.”

“I tell you, humility is not present in the heart which claims it. Humility seeks the lowest place – never recognition. The humble soul is the embrace of simplicity – never seeking to be important in the eyes of man. The humble soul is not self-righteous but always considers others more holy than himself. He is never, therefore, the one who sanctimoniously touts the approvals of high-powered individuals or takes pride in such approvals.”

“Humility is the truth of man's relationship with God – without guile. The humble soul comes to Me in judgment with his hands filled with good deeds. If his hands are only filled with self-importance, it will not bode well for him.”

“I tell you these things to enlighten the path I lead you upon.”