November 19, 2010
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Stand guard over your thoughts in such a way that your peace is not disturbed. Guilt over past sins already charged to My Mercy is always from Satan. Guilt is unforgiveness of self. Each one that loves Me must trust in My Mercy. Think about past sins only to learn from them and what motivated you to sin.”

“There are whole countries who could benefit from this advice. Indeed, the heart of the world would be at peace if they learned from past mistakes. Today fear is taking away freedom. It is no different than in the days when iron-fisted dictators took over nations. What is proposed as human rights is most often a twisted proposal to sin. The fear of offending someone's rights has taken precedence over the fear of offending God.”

“Even in the present moment souls do not pay heed to what motivates them in thought, word and deed. But when I come to call the world into Holy Love, which is the Light of Truth, My call is disregarded and defamed. What motivates such hearts against the Law of Love? Our detractors should examine their hearts.”