November 21, 2010
Feast of Christ The King
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I come once again and, as always, to proclaim My Kingship over the world and its inhabitants. Man's inability to subject himself to My Sovereignty is the sole reason for his demise. Sweeping and individual decisions are made outside of grace, for the Commandments of Holy Love are disregarded. Procreation most often is a matter between man and woman – not man, woman and God – the Creator of all life. Technology has taken on its own personality and taken over hearts and lives. People depend upon their own efforts in making peace in the world, and once again I am omitted from the equation.”

“My Father's Divine Will must be returned to its rightful place at the center of all decisions. It is then the world will be restored to peace and prosperity. This is the reason I come here to this site – the reason I speak here – to uphold My Father's Perfect and Eternal Divine Will. When His Will, which is Holy Love, is restored in hearts, My Sovereignty will be restored in the world. This can only take place in and through Holy Love.”

“Make this known.”