December 17, 2010
St. Peter

St. Peter says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“There comes a time when every soul must face the truth of how he stands before God. At that time – whether it be the grace of an illumination of conscience or the soul's last judgment – it will matter how every temptation to sin was managed. The soul will be judged as to how much his heart resembles Holy Love.”

“If he used his senses towards any impurity or his tongue to destroy another's reputation, he will be held accountable. If he was given a position of esteem or authority but used it only towards self-gain, and in so doing trampled the rights of others underfoot, he will be judged accordingly. Those who have rash judged Heaven's Mission here and impeded the propagation of the Rosary of the Unborn will be made to know how many little lives were taken because of their misdeeds.”

“No one should take lightly their obligation to seek the truth and to live in the truth. Do not settle on the opinion that best suits your life style. Open your heart to the truth and live in the truth, which is Holy Love. You will have less to answer for.”