December 24, 2010
Jesus Christ

Christmas Message

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“The Word was made Flesh and lay meekly in a manger. I did not come to wield the sickle of power over mankind but to call all humanity to their reclamation. It is the same today. Here at this site I call all mankind to conversion. The Message here is Holy Love; just as the message I taught when I walked among you was Holy Love. Yet I am opposed today just as I was then.”

“Holy Love is only your demise if you seek to oppose it – even destroy it; then all that you sought to oppose will stand against you in this life and in the next. You will never be at peace if you give your heart over to worldly passions such as love of power and esteem, love of money, love of reputation.”

“How can you find peace when you pursue the destruction of someone else's reputation in words or in actions? How can you be at peace when you disregard the needs of others? Peace is in loving God and neighbor. Until everyone lives in Holy Love, true peace will be elusive.”

“I came to earth as Prince of Peace. I am with you still today as Prince of Peace. True peace is Holy Love in the heart.”