December 24, 2010
God The Father

I see a great Flame above a globe of the earth. A voice says: “I Am God the Father. I come to envelope the world with My Divine Will which is Divine Love. I come to correct and to remonstrate those who do not live in Holy Love.”

“When the Word was made Flesh, it was the Will of this Eternal Heart which beats with love for all humanity. My Son came to save every soul, and to open the Gates of Heaven – the Gates of Truth.”

“Today, dear children, realize it is the Will of your Eternal Father – the One Who is speaking to you now – that places you in time and space, and in every situation you find yourself in at this present moment. There are those who find themselves in positions of great authority, esteem and power. But they do not realize that it is I Who allow them to be there. They have replaced their love of Me in their hearts with the love of all that is passing. They clothe thought, word and action in falsehoods while presenting them as truth through the title or position I have placed them in. They might lead with the threat of reprisal. Those whom I so address, recognize yourselves! Your eternity depends upon it.”

[Now the Flame bursts forward and engulfs the globe of the world.]

“When you stand in final judgment before My Son, you will be stripped of earthly wealth, power, authority and reputation. It will not matter who befriended you, believed in you or how influential or wealthy you were on earth. The only thing that will matter is the amount of Holy Love in your heart. I have said it. You must live it.”

“The time approaches when each of you will need to make difficult choices – choices which will affect the future of the world. Choose to follow My Divine Will which is Holy Love; then I will support your decisions. I will protect you and lead you. I am a loving Father. Love Me in return.”

“In all that I am telling you, comprehend that nothing matters in this life except your own salvation which you earn through living in Holy Love. The prize has been won for you but it is up to you to claim it.”