December 26, 2010
Feast of The Holy Family
St. Joseph

St. Joseph says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today I am addressing the family of mankind who, for the most part, has departed from the path of holiness. Once again I am joining my Son, Jesus, in an effort to spread unity through Holy Love. In Nazareth the Holy Virgin worked with Jesus and myself to be examples of love and holiness.”

“So many, so many hear this call, read these Messages, but do not respond in their hearts; even worse, so decide to oppose Holy Love – a response not inspired by God.”

“In the world family, some are so deceived they believe in a god that tells them to destroy life – a god whom they claim promotes terrorism.”

“This is not the God Who made Heaven and earth. This is not the God of Love. The heart of the world family must be converted to the truth. Pray for this.”