January 14, 2011
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Let Me begin by saying this. My Love and My Mercy are One. Those who do not understand My Mercy do not understand My Love. The depths of My Love for each soul are beyond human comprehension but at the same time, within spiritual understanding, if the heart is open and surrenders to Me.”

“I do not turn away even the greatest sinner. My Most Tender Love is always ready to repair the broken-hearted – always ready to lift up the lowly, to console the mourner, and to bring all into the light of truth. I do not condemn; rather, the evildoer condemns himself. My forgiveness is from age to age for those who seek it. My compassion reaches out to those who suffer. Like a physician, I heal spiritual wounds which bind many hearts.”

“My Love is omnipresent even in the world today which has embraced so much evil. My Divine Love demands that I reach out in every present moment to bring Light to darkness.”

“I call all souls – each and every one – into the Light of Truth. For it is only in the Light of Truth you will recognize Me clothed in the present moment. It is through this Mission of Truth, which is Holy Love, that I am spreading knowledge of My Love throughout the world.”