March 5, 2011
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I have come to help you understand that there is a correlation between blaming and unforgiveness – and blaming and forgiveness. When it becomes obvious that a person or persons has done something wrong, or sinned or hurt you in some way, it is rightful reason to place responsibility for such words or actions upon the perpetrator. But blame which is righteous lays responsibility upon the perpetrator's fallen nature, and does not dwell on the blame allowing it to turn into unforgiveness.”

“Taking into account this fallen nature, you must put all in the past and leave it there. You cannot, by brooding, change the free will choices another has made. Grudges bear spoiled fruit such as anger, depression and unforgiveness.”

“Be children of the light. Pray for one another and be united in Holy Love. If someone chooses an errant path, pray for him as the first sign of your forgiveness. Do not criticize one another except in righteousness; then do not look to see if your correction is acted upon; that may lead to judgment.”

“The advice I am imparting today will lead to peace – peace in your hearts – peace in your lives.”