March 13, 2011
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I have come to console all those affected by the tragedy in Japan. This tragedy should affect the whole human race, for within the cross is My Father's call to victory over sin. Within any tragedy is the call to recognize mankind's total dependency upon God. Once again I remind and warn mankind that he is the master of his own fate.”

“My Mother has warned over and over of impending consequences of man's free will choices. It is a grave mistake to view any disaster as a freak of nature. People must return to right reason – reason based upon Holy Love.”

“Yet, when I speak here or My Mother speaks here, for the most part, Heaven's call to holiness is summarily dismissed. Woe to those who discourage Holy Love! Their hearts are like the fig tree bearing no fruit! They place the human condition in jeopardy!”

“Let the current disaster call each of you back to the gospel message of Holy Love. Do not reject My call to you. Act upon it. It is scripturally sound.”