April 11, 2011
Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Please understand that until man's heart is delivered over to the Divine Will, there will always be unrest in the world. Even the weather does not coincide with the calendar. Tumultuous events occur worldwide. The earth is in upheaval. The seas no longer know their boundaries.”

“Trusted institutions – once innocent and benign – have become suspect and corrupt as man seeks to fulfill his own will instead of the Divine.”

“For these reasons and because of the perversity of these times, Heaven has raised up this Mission to support the frightened – to substantiate tradition and to call all into the one Heart of Holy Love – My Immaculate Heart. Do not be surprised that many oppose this Mission – even ones who could most benefit from it. Some leaders no longer lead in the right direction but upon an errant path that leads to destruction.”

“You, My children, are being called to unity through Holy Love. This is not an underground movement but an open call to salvation through Holy Love. My Arms are open. My Heart awaits your response.”