April 16, 2011
Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“The reason My Son has sent this Mission into the world is to call souls from the path of perdition onto the path of salvation, holiness and even sanctification. It is past time for souls to stop offending God by following the whims of his own free will and to begin, once again, to please God by obeying His Laws.”

“The demise of arrogant free will choices is upon you. Earth is in upheaval. This is all too evident in governments, financial circles and increased intensity of natural disasters. Many who are capable of inspiring change remain passive. They, too, are guilty in God's Eyes. Many preach change but seek only their own welfare and not the welfare of all people and all nations.”

“Today many truths have been defiled. Yet, when these Messages proclaim the truth, those who should listen and repent continue in their efforts to destroy Heaven's plans here. God will leave them helpless in their needs.”

“Do not turn your backs upon Heaven's guidance and plans for you. Holy Love is the lifeboat Heaven is sending to you amidst the storm of sin and spiritual apathy. Grasp onto Holy Love. I, your Heavenly Mother, will support you.”