May 31, 1999
Feast of the Visitation; Feast of Mother of Wonderful Love; Memorial Day
Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady comes as Our Lady of Grace. She says: “Praise be to Jesus. I have come to you today to reveal the fullness of My plan. Please allow Me this privilege. I desire My children know that the narrow gate to salvation is Holy Love. As the peace of the world has been entrusted to My Immaculate Heart at Fatima, understand and realize that world peace has been entrusted to Holy Love. This is so because My Immaculate Heart is Holy Love according to the Divine Will of God. Therefore, My children must realize that the final battle is between Holy Love and the Red Dragon.”

“Every grace that you need will be afforded you. Some events will take place that will propel My mission forward and disseminate this message throughout the world. My words come to you through God's Holy and Divine Will and I assure you, will not perish.”

“These days are the fulfillment of the end times. I am guiding you through them with a Mother's tender care. On December 12th I will return to the property, bringing with Me another message for all people – all nations. It will be the last time I deliver souls of relatives from purgatory of all those in attendance. Tell My children.”

“My daughter, make it known.”