June 6, 2011
Alanus (a Guardian Angel of Maureen)

Alanus (my guardian angel) says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“I have come to tell you that the myriads of angels who attend this prayer site stand ready to welcome each soul who comes here. None will leave untouched by grace, but there will be some souls who summarily reject what is offered to them here; that is because it is easier to disbelieve than to believe. If the soul believes, he has the responsibility of living the Messages. Disbelief automatically exonerates the soul from making the spiritual journey into the United Hearts. This is like a spiritual apathy.”

“Many have done everything in their power to discount the many graces offered here. They oppose Truth itself. But these do not find willing hearts amongst the humble and simple souls who find consolation, direction and grace through these Messages, and all Heaven tenders forth here.”