June 9, 2011
Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady showed me the picture above; then She said: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today many are focused on the future – what they will eat, how will they survive – and so on. They place all their trust on what they themselves can do now to provide for future necessities. While some cargo in the ship is good, if too much is loaded into the ship it will sink. So it is with the soul that becomes distracted with what may come. He sinks beneath the waters of trust.”

“The soul that carries a light cargo remains buoyant upon the sea of trust. He provides prudently what he may need in the future. He does not hoard cargo. He always trusts God in every need.”

“The best preparation is preparation of the heart. Prepare spiritually; then you will know what commodities you may need, and what you will not need. My Spouse, the Spirit of Truth – will lead you.”