July 2, 2011
Midnight Service at the United Hearts Field
Blessed Virgin Mary

Weekend of the United Hearts – July 1 – 2 – 3

Our Lady is here as Mary, Refuge of Holy Love. She has five large angels with Her. She says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Dear children, a good mother always tries to foresee and forewarn her children about imminent danger. So it is, that I, your Heavenly Mother, have come to caution each of you concerning the dangers at hand.”

“In the world today, there is an evil undercurrent seeking to destroy nations by attacking national pride and independence, and offering a ‘New World Order' as the solution; but this is not the ‘unity' God is calling you to. Dissolving national borders is not God's plan for unity. God is calling you to disintegrate the boundaries in your hearts which oppose Holy Love. You must be united spiritually first in Holy Love before you can have true unitive peace in the world.”

“My dear children, Satan, these days, shows his hand in destroying once worthy and reliable institutions in an all-out effort to bring people into this proposed one world government. I speak specifically of the institution of marriage, religious institutions, financial institutions and governments. There was an age past when the enemy of your salvation lured people secretly into his traps; now he is bringing his dirty work to light. Now it is difficult in righteousness to know who to trust. All of this is Satan's plan to destroy your security. He wants you to turn to one leader – his leader. But remember, if all power and authority is given to one leader, all control is given to that person, as well.”

“This is why this Mission has been established here amidst much confusion – even opposition. We will persevere – admonishing error no matter the source. We must be the light of truth for the frightened and the confused. We must be the consolation of truth for all people – all nations.”

“I have come to be present with you and to remind you that all the parts must equal the sum. Therefore, My children, realize that all your transgressions against the truth, which is Holy Love, must equal God's Justice. Today the world is in peril for it has compromised the truth and sinned for the sake of pleasure. In many countries, abortion has been legalized; same sex marriages not only are accepted but made legal. Now people feel they have the ‘right' to sin – the ‘right' to offend God.”

“Do not be surprised that there is no peace in any of this. When you compromise the truth, the result is confusion, chaos and insecurity. Peace will come when all people and all nations surrender to God's Divine Will which is Holy Love. I cannot tell you this with any more clarity.”

“Dear children, your rosaries, especially this one [She holds up the Rosary of the Unborn] are your weapons which can bring about victory both in hearts and in the world. With this rosary, abortion can be defeated.”

“Unite your prayers to Mine tonight so that we can have one heart. Pray with Me that truth is victorious in every heart; then sin would be revealed for what it is. There would be no more wars, no more legalization of sin, no more false religions which promote terrorism. Truth brings with it the companion of peace. When all live in the Light of Truth, you will have genuine peace, a peace which cannot be negotiated or construed by human effort.”

“Dear children, thank you for believing in Me as I believe in you. There are many false rumors circulating about Heaven's efforts here. Do not believe any of the negative opinions; only come and help Heaven to save souls through your prayers and your efforts in personal holiness.”

“Dear children, the time is short – the time as you know it. You must pray often throughout the day, and turn your hearts over to Me in every difficulty. In My Heart is your victory. In My Heart is the defeat of the enemy – the enemy of all souls. So, My children, let us be united. Let us work together.”

“Tonight I am taking all your petitions to Heaven with Me, and many will be answered.”

“I'm blessing you with My Blessing of Holy Love.”