September 1, 1994
Jesus Christ

From Jesus
“Stay with Me. Abide in Me. In Me is every token of good. The property you are being drawn to is not out there. It is here in My Heart, burning ember of Divine Love. Others seek nostalgia, but you need nothing but Me. Place all fractured relationships in My Heart. I do not lay blame. That is Satan. If you are praying for them, you are seeking the fullness of My provision. I came into the world to give witness to the truth. It is the same truth My Mother bears to you. In the truth you will not perish. Therefore, let this anchor you. I am coming on the thirteenth with manifold grace and infinite wisdom. I am your peace and your confidence. The property you are seeking lays barren, awaiting the architect to plant the seed. There is no measure of human law laid claim against it. It is private but accommodating – fertile but forsaken.”