April 24, 1996
Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady comes in gray and white. Her Immaculate Heart is exposed. She says: “My daughter, I come to you today as My Son sends Me, so that your nation and the world will understand that the abyss between heaven and earth grows greater minute by minute, day by day. It is within My Divine Son's power to destroy what mankind esteems–power, money, status, and worldly goods. Mankind has seen this over and over through natural and manmade disasters, which the Almighty God has permitted.” (Now She has tears rolling down Her cheeks.) “Yet hearts do not change. A great multitude do not love God and neighbor. That which rules hearts, then rules the world. Be certain that the world and each soul will be judged according to the love that is in each heart. Never before has humanity been more distant from God. Events take place each minute which give witness to this.”

“Dearest children, I have come to plead that you choose love in the present moment. Do not worry over the past or be anxious for the future. Your salvation is here, now, in this present moment. Begin now to love. It is then I will take you into the Refuge of My Immaculate Heart.”

Now She composes Herself, spreads Her hands, and looks towards heaven. She says to me: “You will please make this known to all of My little children.” She leaves.