March 21, 1993
Blessed Virgin Mary

“I am Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth–Queen of the Most Holy Rosary. All praise be to Jesus.” I answered, “Now and forever.” “My little child, the hour of great decision has come when those who seek to remain faithful to My Heart will need to prudently choose. Satan will divide My Son's Church upon earth. He will come clothed in reason and goodness. And you must be careful to remain faithful to Church Tradition as it stands now under John Paul II. The ensuing confusion will bring bishop against bishop, parent against child, husband against wife. Some Masses will not be valid under Church law, and many will be deceived. You will need to be strong. Persevere in Tradition as I have taught you. My mantle is over you. My Immaculate Heart is the Refuge of all who are faithful to Church Tradition. Therefore, be at peace.”