May 9, 1993
Mother’s Day
Blessed Virgin Mary

“Please read Ephesians 4:1-4, 14-16; 5:1-3”
Our Lady was dressed all in white and was wearing the crown that the statue downstairs has on (the crown used for May Crowning last week). She said: “Praise be to Jesus, Son of the living God.” I replied, “Now and forever.” Our Lady gave a private message, then asked us to pray for souls that do not love. We prayed an Our Father and Glory Be with her. Then Our Lady said: “Dear children, today I invite you most especially to have hearts of love. If you love, My dear children, you will respect everyone. It is only through Satan's deceit and confusion that you do not respect and you do not love. All of this is an obstacle to grace.” Our Lady blessed us and left.