December 22, 1993
Blessed Virgin Mary

10:45 AM
Our Lady is here in gray with a white veil over Her head, and She has Her hands extended with a pearl-colored rosary in one hand. She says: “All praise be to Jesus.” I reply, “Now and forever.” Then Our Lady said: “My little daughter, I come to extend to mankind the invitation of understanding the benevolence of My Son's Divine Heart. It is a great grace that He comes to Seven Hills, and that He sends His Mother to Seven Hills to instruct and to guide the remnant Church. I will draw pilgrims here, through the grace of My Heart from all points of Earth, and you will see many changes. Begin to understand the extent of My call, the timeliness, and the call to love that Jesus sends Me with. Through Holy Love, I am calling all of My children into My Immaculate Heart, solemn Refuge of the True Dogma of Faith of the Roman Catholic Church. Make it known!”