April 10, 1999
Jesus Christ

Jesus stands in front of me in red and white. “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I have come to you today to help you understand the effects of self love. Once again, self love is an inordinate self-centeredness that takes you away from love of God and neighbor. The soul opens himself to trusting only things in the world (money – power) and is led away from trusting in Me. I have given mankind the world to use towards his own salvation and holiness. In this way, he uses the world and its attributes to give glory to God and to express love towards his neighbor.”

“It is this self love that contributes greatly to false virtues. A false virtue is one that is practiced for show – to impress others – or to gain merit for self in the eyes of others. Anyone who tries to act loving, humble, or meek to impress others is guilty of this false virtue. The virtues are given to build up your own personal holiness within your own heart. This should be accomplished in simplicity and in the secret recesses of your heart. Your journey in holiness should be between you and Me, not for others to see.”

“When you are judged it will be just you and Me. No one else's opinion will matter. You will be unable to offer excuses for what I see in your heart.”

“This is how you should live then – with your eyes fixed on Heaven and your hearts steeped in Holy Love. I give each one no other call.”