December 8, 1994
Rosary Service
Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady is here in white. She has lavender and pink highlights on Her dress. She is holding a cascade of white lilies. There is a rosary floating in the air in front of Her. She says: “Dear children, please join Me in prayer once again for all those who will come on the Twelfth.” We prayed. “Dear children, once again I invite you to the most pure Immaculate Refuge of My Heart. When you are in My Heart dear children, you are also in the Divine Heart that is My Son's, for Our Hearts beat as one. Tonight, I invite you to flee the false god of love of self, just as Joseph and I embraced the Child and fled from Herod. Dear children, once again I am with you in a special way when you pray. I desire that you give Me all your intentions, most especially on My feast day, and I will bring them to the Heart of My Son.” Our Lady blessed us and left.