July 15, 1993
Message to the World
Blessed Virgin Mary

“Please read Mark 12:28-34”
Our Lady came and was dressed in gray and a cream color and had a rose pinned to Her robe slightly under Her neckline. She said: “Praise be to Jesus.” And I answered, “Now and forever.” Then She said, “Tonight I come to ask you to pray with Me for unbelievers, amongst whom I include the lukewarm.” We prayed. Then Our Lady said: “Most especially I invite all government leaders to realize that the two greatest laws are: Love the Lord your God above all else, and love your neighbor as yourself. All earthly laws should be based on these two commandments. Remember, those who do not gather with the Good Shepherd, scatter. Those who do not legislate according to God's commandments will have much to answer for. It is not God who will judge, but the commandment that will judge them.” Then Our Lady blessed us and there was a brown scapular with a cross in front of it in Her place for a minute.