December 12, 1994
Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe
Our Lady of Guadalupe

Windsor, Ohio
The Sun danced in the sky for one and half hours.
Our Lady is here as Our Lady of Guadalupe. She has two angels with Her and says: “All praise be to Jesus, My children. Pray with Me now for the unbelievers.” We prayed. “Dear children, tonight I come to you with great love in My Heart for each of you. I ask that you turn away from evil and choose good. Do not allow the sacrilege to continue in the womb. This is more erroneous now than in the days of Juan Diego, for today, it is not ignorance and paganism, but Christians who perform such acts. Dear children, I am calling you to unite in love, in Holy Love. I will return to you soon, on this spot, on May Twelfth. Dear children, I come because I love you so much.” She blessed us and left.