March 25, 1993
Feast of the Annunciation
Blessed Virgin Mary

“Please read John 5:25-30”
Our Lady was dressed in white brocade and She had a large angel with Her who arranged Her mantle where She came to stand. Our Lady gave a private message. Then She asked me to pray with Her for all government leaders who held the fate of millions of lives in their hands. Then Our Lady said: “I will address all the people here tonight. Dear children, I come tonight to teach you how to have peace in your hearts. You will achieve this, My dear children, if you die to your own will, and only do the will of God. Remember, God does not permit, or ordain, anything that is not the best for you.” Then Our Lady said: “God the Father loves you, Jesus loves you, the Holy Spirit loves you, and I love you.” Then She blessed us and left.