August 20, 1994
Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady is here in a sky-blue mantle with gold stars and a gold border on it. She has a bright-gold crown on Her head. Her gown is white. She says: “Today especially, child, I come to help you understand that all that takes place in the world, even nature itself, is a consequence of what is in man's heart. Hearts that do not align their will with the Will of God change and alter human events. This has been true from the beginning of time. So then, when you pray, ask that people choose the Will of God. Remember, it is a special grace to accept change easily. It is also a grace to accept reality and to perceive where hearts are. Be assured, Jesus and I are with you. My mantle is over you. The Prayer Center is God's ordaining Will and, therefore, will materialize. Continue to pray for faith and courage. I desire very much to share My Heart with you.” She leaves and a lighted heart is in the air.