September 6, 1993
Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady comes dressed as the Mother of Holy Love. She reverences the Eucharist and moves towards me. She says: “My angel, I have come to help you realize the depth of My message to you concerning Holy Love. Please comprehend that all virtues spring from holy humility and Holy Love. These two – holy humility and Holy Love – are always together in a soul. One does not exist without the other.”

“The great mystery of My Son's Mercy is the offspring of His Holy Love for all souls. Holy Love never is nourished by the intellect, but only in the heart. These two greatest virtues are necessary in order for a soul to dwell in My Immaculate Heart and herein take its refuge. Both of these virtues are only possible if the child of God first dies to self. The more the soul gives up his own will, the greater these virtues will be in him and the deeper the soul will be drawn into My Immaculate Heart.”