August 14, 1993
Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady came during the fifth Glorious Mystery. She was dressed in many pastel colors and with a crown on Her head. She venerated the Eucharist. Then She turned to me and said, “Let us give praise, honor and glory to Jesus, King of kings, Son of Man.” We did this. Then She parted Her hands and said, “I have come to inform. The bitter trials ahead include spiritual, physical and emotional catastrophes for every soul.”

“My Son's power to extend redeeming grace during these times is contingent upon each soul's acceptance of the crosses he is given to bear. For it is through the consecration to the Cross grace will come. Therefore, I urge My children to imitate My Son's acceptance of the Cross in love and peace.” She traces a cross in the air with Her hand and leaves. A cross is left in the air momentarily.