January 13, 1994
Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady is here in two shades of gray and pink and is holding a black rosary. I asked Her to pray for those who had asked for prayers. She points to Her Heart and a cross comes out. Then the cross changed into roses, and they fell towards earth. Our Lady said: “I am holding them in My Heart. Dear child, please understand every cross is a grace in disguise. Pray with me, please, for those who have chosen not to follow the path of holiness.” We prayed. Then She said, “You are looking at My black rosary, and I reveal to you now it is such a color for those graces which die because souls do not choose Holy Love. Dear children, tonight I come to invite you to understand that I am always with you. The grace of My Heart is the remedy for every situation. You are never alone. I give you peace, resignation, and even a new path to follow where you think there's no hope. Pray, pray, pray.” Our Lady blessed us and left.