October 14, 1994
Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady comes as Our Lady of Guadalupe. She smiles and parts Her hands. She says: “Please understand, My child, the miracle is in hearts that love and not in special signs. Signs are newsworthy, but the fruit is in hearts. And so, when you pray, pray for hearts to embrace Holy Love. What is given beyond this is initiated in heaven and through no call of your own. But your prayers and sacrifices serve to open hearts to Holy Love. Therefore, be at peace.” I asked: “But wouldn't more believe and live the message if special signs were given?” She replied: “God works in each soul according to His Will. If a soul needs a certain grace to believe and God chooses to work in this way, it will happen.” I remarked: “It just seems so many more would believe if there were more signs.” She responded: “The message should be proof of heaven's presence in itself. Please surrender your will here. Pray to be a good messenger and for hearts to love. That is enough.” She parts Her hands again and a bright light comes from where Her Heart would be. She leaves.