May 18, 1996
Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady comes in white with Her Immaculate Heart exposed. She says: “Pray with Me now for all those who do not believe.”

“My daughter, you do not mind all the probing of the media?”

“I do mind, but I do it for you and to get the message out.”

“More are on their way. If they put the question to you, ‘why the miracles,' tell them it is the same as in Jesus' day. Why did He perform miracles? To draw unbelievers to the truth. Still, some believed in Him and others believed only for awhile. It is no different today and in these times. The signs and miracles will not stop for the sake of those who scrutinize them. No, child, they are increasing, for I am really there. Indeed, My compassion shows forth on those who come. The faith of those who already believe will intensify. The media will see signs and specific happenings themselves if they persevere. Do not fear for what is ahead. My grace is already attending to these matters.”

“My greatest grace is yet to come both on our property and in hearts. No impediment nor will of man will forestall it and you will be witness to what is to come. The choice for Holy Love is not an invitation, but a dictate commanded by My Son in His ministry on earth. I only come as He allows to remain and to expand this greatest of all commandments. Encapsulated in the greatness of the commandment is the greatness of your mission. So too, is the expanse of My call to you. Come to realize, I am not in your midst only as one in a number of apparitions, but as a salvific call to all humanity which treads upon the brink of calamity. It is man himself who is teasing God's patience and coaxing His justice. I come to set myself against the eternal adversary and to release humanity from his evil grip. Therefore, do not be surprised that you are opposed for you are My representative. Persevere. Satan cannot penetrate the fortress of My Heart.”

“Dear apostle, I am blessing you.”