June 15, 1996
Feast of the Immaculate Heart
Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady appears in blue with Her Heart exposed. She is standing in and enveloped by the Sacred Heart of Jesus. She says: “I desire that the world surrender to and conform to the dictates of Holy Love so that Our Hearts may be victorious in the world. Little daughter, I come to give praise to Jesus. Yesterday, the news carried the story of a new surgery procedure, wherein, part of the heart was removed making it more functional. Today, I tell you, all hearts need to surrender to Holy Love, holding back no fraction or portion for themselves. This is the only way in which grave tragedy can be avoided. Those who cannot accept the Holy Father's infallibility on all matters of faith are living in the delusion of self-love which leads to perdition. Those in authority mislead others when they cast shadows of doubt upon the Holy Father. It is important to know that faith is under attack. But I COME TO PROTECT YOUR FAITH.”

“My Heart is the Refuge of all sinners. My Heart is the Gateway and the path that takes you to the Heart of My Son. It is impossible for you to remain in a state of peace without My protections. My Son has entrusted to My Heart the peace of the world. My Heart is Holy Love. Therefore, see and understand that the peace the world seeks and needs is encapsulated in My Holy Love message. It is for this reason Satan comes against you in unique ways. It is for this reason the adversary will not succeed. You must not fear any attack. You are already in My heart and I am in yours.”