January 14, 1994
Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady is here in blue and pink and white, and She has many rose petals falling from Her Immaculate Heart, which is exposed. She says: “I have many graces yet in store for those who pursue the path of Holy Love and so the Refuge of My Immaculate Heart. Let us pray now for all those who choose holiness, that they persevere.” We prayed an Our Father and a Glory Be. Then She said, “It is only when you rely on people, places and things of the world that you begin to fear. But when you trust in the grace of My Heart, you have everything. For nothing lies outside this grace, which changes all hearts to good and brings about God's Will in all situations.” The rose petals falling from Her Heart have turned to droplets of blood. She continues, “It is through the error of abortion, which is termed ‘freedom', that duplicity has seduced hearts of men. Today, freedom has been used to describe slavery to sin. It is in such cases that the grace of My Heart is rejected, and My Heart weeps tears of blood. You do not clearly see, nor understand, the grace I desire each of you to have. Only now I seek all your prayers to reveal that which Satan tries to cover.”