September 29, 2011
St. Michael the Archangel

St. Michael says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“I am Michael, the great one whom God has made great. In Him all things are made possible. I have come to redirect free will so that mankind will learn to recognize evil and avoid it. These days it is true that sin has been made legal, making it seem justifiable, and in many cases, demanding it be tolerated. I am speaking of abortion, same sex marriage and legal rights towards homosexuality. These carry a great burden towards God’s Justice in the future. These are an abomination.”

“God’s children must recognize Satan’s attacks. The war upon morals is every bit as threatening as the war on terror. The moral degeneration of the world populace is not as visible as a terror attack, but just as devastating. Moral degeneration weakens governments and religious institutions. It compromises the once just and noble heart and convolutes the Truth.”

“Even this Mission, which stands for the Truth of Holy Love, has been misrepresented as not worthy of belief. Do not – Man of Earth – let opinions and judgments keep you away from the Truth; too much is at stake.”

“Pray for my protection daily. I will place my Shield of Truth over you, and defend you in Satan’s assaults upon the Truth.”