November 17, 2011
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I invite you to understand that every soul in Purgatory and every soul that has slipped to his perdition did not search out and embrace the Truth. In some way and in some area of their life on earth, the Truth was compromised, virtue weakened or betrayed, and Satan's lies accepted.”

“Untruth is never acceptable in My Eyes. There is never a justifiable reason to live in untruth or to encourage others to do so.”

“Today souls do not make an effort to be in touch with their inner spirit – to be united with the Will of My Father – and to embrace personal holiness. The trappings of the world get in the way. When this occurs, it is easy for the Truth to be denied.”

“The soul sets goals for himself which are not in line with My Father's Will but are worldly in nature. This, in itself, is an embrace of untruth.”

“My Father's Will is always that you live in and embrace Holy Love. This is Truth itself. If you ask for the grace not to deny this Truth, it will be given.”