December 6, 2011
St. Thomas Aquinas

St. Thomas Aquinas comes with two angels. He says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“I have come to discuss once again the topic of the Truth. Truth is always the Truth. It is a constant. It never changes. Jesus proclaimed He was the Truth when He was in the world. This is still so today. Holy Love is the Truth. It is a constant, as well.”

“There are always those who challenge the Truth and/or abandon the Truth. In this regard, we need to look at motives. This is not judging, but rather an effort to reveal the hand of the enemy. Often the Truth challenges the prestige of human intellect. This was so in Jesus' day with the Pharisees. Today, in regards to these Messages of Holy Love, many do not believe, for they believe their intellect superior to a lowly messenger such as yourself.”

“Then there are those who resent the influence of these Messages upon hearts, and desire to be in control of every form of such influence. This is a fear of loss of control and power.”

“There are still others who fear the Truth, for the Truth dictates change in their own heart. They do not see Truth as a grace, but as a threat.”

“Many who heard the Words of Jesus when He walked the earth, abandoned Him for the same reasons that some have abandoned these Messages of Holy Love. The Truth must be defended at every turn of the road. Do not betray Holy Love for any other love, be it love of power, money or reputation. Hold firm.”