December 7, 2011
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I have come today to discuss selfishness. Selfishness comes in many forms and guises. It is, of course, the hoarding of material goods; but selfishness can be much more than that. It can take the form of vanity, jealousy and hanging on to your own opinion when it is not formed in Holy Love.”

“Selfishness, which is another term for inordinate self-love, is the obstacle most often blocking the soul's journey in Holy Love, for it is the cause of every fall from grace. Grace is the vehicle which propels the soul along the path of perfection in Holy Love.”

“Selfishness can show itself in small ways as well as great ones. Say, you do not make the effort to be socially gracious, even to those who cannot repay you in any way. Perhaps you hesitate to share that which you hold dear. In this moment of hesitation lies a disordered self-love.”

“The soul who, with a sincere heart, tries at every turn to overcome selfishness, will find My Provision awaits him.”

“Pray for a generous heart.”