December 31, 2011
Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Let us begin the New Year by thanking God for all the spiritual benefits He has given hearts to build up the City of God – the New Jerusalem; for this Mission is certainly a building block in the foundation of the New Jerusalem.”

“Because this Mission is such a good and just foundation, you will continue to see Satan try to chip away at it through misinformation and controversy; but the Mission is a solid rock of Truth and will not disintegrate under these blows. This ‘rock' will stand firm and be an anchor of safety amidst every storm.”

“While this foundation stone of Truth perseveres amidst every test and trial, there are other seemingly trusted foundations in the world which will crumble. I am speaking now of whole economic systems, governments, law and order and general deterioration of long standing institutions. All of these foundations will be rocked due to man's unfaithfulness to God. You will see an increase in severity of natural disasters – all of which could be avoided if mankind were to be reconciled with his Creator.”

“It is the heart of man and his interrelationship with God that holds the key to the future. I, your Heavenly Mother, can only advise you and invite you to live in the Truth of Holy Love.”

“A foundation lends support and stability. This is what this Mission of Holy Love will provide for everyone who seeks the safety of this firm foundation amidst every trial and crisis of life.”