January 14, 2012
St. Francis de Sales

St. Francis de Sales comes and says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

I wasn't sure it was him. He said: “My feast day is forthcoming. Look on your calendar.” I found it on January 24th. He said: “Now do you believe me? I have come to you to speak about the effects of Holy Love in the heart.”

“Holy Love can transform the most mundane task into a powerful redemptive tool in the Hands of God.”

“Holy Love, when it is accepted in the heart, can transform darkness into the Light of Truth.”

“Holy Love can inspire victory over sin; therefore, Holy Love is the foundation of every conversion of heart.”

“Holy Love is the vehicle of surrender of free will to accept God's Divine Will.”

“It is Holy Love which helps the soul to recognize God's grace in every cross.”

“These are sound reasons for souls to accept these Messages and to support this Mission of Holy Love by living the Messages. To do so is to allow your heart to be transformed by Holy Love. To do so is to follow the pursuit of Holy Perfection.”