January 17, 2012
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“The whole and entire reason for this Mission is to empty hearts of all that impedes Holy Love, and thus to allow Holy and Divine Love to reign in every heart; but Holy Love cannot reign in hearts given over to diversity. Hearts which place every kind of concern over Holy Love do not leave room for Truth.”

“Your own happiness and state of well-being is encapsulated in Holy Love. Because Satan has set up a smokescreen of deceit around Holy Love, you cannot or will not discern the treasure at hand. If you do not seek the Truth, you will not find it. If you lock the door of your heart to the Truth, you will not think, speak or act in the Truth.”

“Some fear finding the Truth of Holy Love, foolishly believing their own beliefs would be weakened. It is disbelief in Holy Love which disarms and weakens you. I cannot establish My Kingdom in such hearts.”

“My Kingdom is built upon the foundation of Holy Love – the foundation of Truth – the New Jerusalem. I invite you to clear your hearts of error and Satan's deceit, and to allow Me to establish My Kingdom in your hearts. Only then will you find peace and security.”