January 18, 2012
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“As with all attitudes in the world, acceptance in the heart is first; then, and only then, does the belief or attitude spread into the world. It is so with political error: abortion, homosexuality – even the embrace of false religions – indeed, every sin.”

“This is also true of Holy Love which, when embraced in the heart, establishes the New Jerusalem within the soul itself and in the world. So you see, this same maxim works for good as well as evil. I have come to begin the establishment of the New Jerusalem in hearts and in the world. Since Holy Love is the New Jerusalem, this Mission is the foundation of My Kingdom.”

“Though many have tried to chip away at this foundation, none shall succeed. What is begun by My Hand will continue to grow and to flourish both in hearts and in the world. Those who oppose Holy Love do not rest with favor in My Heart, for in so doing, they set themselves against the Commandments.”

“Oppose only that which is evil. Do not set yourselves against good.”