January 24, 2012
St. Francis de Sales – Feast Day
St. Francis de Sales


St. Francis de Sales says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“The road to salvation and Holy Perfection is Holy Love. This is a Truth that will not change due to disbelief. This, being stated, it follows that the road to perdition is all that opposes Holy Love. I cannot state this more clearly.”

“Stop and consider now who would lead you away from pursuing the path of Holy Love. Would it not be the enemy of your salvation?”

“Once again, I tell you, the Truth does not change according to your belief or disbelief. It is always the Truth. Holy Love is Truth itself – the path of your salvation.”

P.M. January 24, 2012

St. Francis de Sales says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“You see, I am permitted to return to you on my feast day. (St. Francis de Sales). Today I have come to affirm to you that the path of perfection is in and through Holy Love. This Truth cannot be altered. Even if the soul refuses to accept the Truth of these Messages, he cannot reach perfection spiritually outside of Holy Love.”

“Further I state, the rejection of these Truths of Holy Love reflects a stubborn pride, which in itself, is an obstacle to perfection. Such stubbornness is the fruit of intellectual pride which will not permit the soul to discover the Truth. It carries with it self-satisfaction – the penalty of which is evident in this world and present in the next.”

“Since these Messages of Holy Love are a light on the path of Truth, how foolish it is to reject them out of sanctimony, arrogance or any other snare Satan may lay for you.”

“Your country is facing unprecedented decisions which must be resolved in Holy Love if great trials are to be avoided. This is the only way around Satan's traps. Laws which have little regard for human rights must be abolished. Herein lies the strength your nation now lacks. Open your hearts. Heed my warnings!”