February 3, 2012
Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“These days you are witnessing secularism closing in on organized religion and opposing certain beliefs through unjust laws. Yet, when I appeared years ago seeking to be recognized as the Protectress of the Faith, it was deemed unnecessary. Today I come to you as Refuge of Holy Love, the relevance of which should not be lost to you during these times of turmoil.”

“In My Immaculate Heart, you will find safe refuge. Herein, there is no persecution, class warfare or anarchy. My Heart offers to each one a Mother's Love. My Heart is a safe Refuge of Truth and a Fortress of Peace. I do not discriminate as to beliefs, race or position in the world. I am your Mother. I only desire you choose Holy Love, for this is the passkey to My Heart. Within this Sanctuary of Grace lies your perfection in holiness, which is all you need presently.”

“As your Mother, I am asking you to be careful whom you support politically. You are supporting not the person, but his beliefs and ideals. Today there is great departure from the Truth in many a heart that aspires to or holds office. Be wise enough to research candidates before you vote. Holy Love must be your monitor of Truth.”

“You must be shields of Truth during these times, deflecting Satan's lies and seeking My protection over the faith of the multitude.”