February 10, 2012
Archbishop Gabriel Ganaka

Archbishop Gabriel Ganaka* says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“I have been sent today to speak to you about leadership. There is so much controversy these days about what qualities a good leader should have, both politically and ecclesiastically .”

“First of all, a good leader must embrace the Truth. The Truth is always one with Holy Love. This being said, a good leader loves God above all else and neighbor as self. Such a dedicated leader always acts out of loving concern for all others. He never seeks to divide, but to unite. He does not hold selfish ambition in his heart. A good leader respects the rights of those under his charge. He, in humility, knows his place before God.”

“His concern is for the welfare of others – not himself. He leads by good example. If he is a spiritual leader, he leads his flock to a deeper relationship with God. If he is a civil leader, he respects and upholds the law. Leadership is a privilege given through Divine Will, and must be taken seriously.”

*Archbishop Ganaka was from Jos Nigeria and was one of Maureen's spiritual advisors in 1998-1999. He endorsed the Messages and wrote the Foreword to THE REMEDY AND THE TRIUMPH published in 2000. He has since passed away, and his cause for Sainthood was begun 3-1/2 years ago.