February 21, 2012
Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today I have come to reiterate that this Mission has been in My Arms and My Heart since its inception. It is no different today nor in any future moment. I cannot tell you the hour and moment of My last public Message – nor the date of the last Midnight Apparition. Like you, I am waiting for God's Command. Future events, as well, are not being predicted here. What I am telling you is the hour approaches when public Messages and public Apparitions will cease. If I did not have God's Permission to forewarn you, I would not have spoken to you thus.”

“All that aside, I wish to address the pilgrims who come to the site. Many come as Pharisees – only to find error – seeking to pounce on their own misconceptions. Still others come seeking signs and miraculous wonders as proof of the authenticity of all that takes place here and of the Messages themselves. These are the ones that, though they believe deep in their hearts that the Mission and the Messages are genuine, they want physical evidence to substantiate their belief. God asks your faith.”

“Then, there are those who believe everything, but do not live the Messages. Holy Love does not penetrate their innermost being. Holy Love does not shine through their thoughts and actions.”

“The pilgrim who receives the most from his journey here, lives in the Truth of how he stands before God; that is – humility. He is simple and childlike – unpretentious, forgiving and slow to anger. He does not rash judge; rather, he carefully and prayerfully discerns.”

“Take heed of what I have said today. Absorb it in your own heart. Turn away anything in your heart which is not Holy Love.”